Up next: AWE in Munich, not up: Facebook AR

What’s up next? Busy days. Actually, I just wanted to publish an article titled “Facebook refuses to show their AR glasses”. As they did during Oculus Connect 6 just last week. But then again… what to talk about if they don’t actually show anything? Well to be fair, they showed a little bit. They talked about ongoing research, presented their […]

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My MWC Hololens³ Wishlist

I’m sure you are following Alex “father of HoloLens” Kipman on twitter and saw his teaser video of “something to be revealed” next Sunday during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Well, it could be the teaser for a new terminator movie, brining back mimetic poly-alloy or some freaky colorful alien-styled worm race crawling along ropes to frighten us. But most […]

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