This blog www.augmented.org is fully dedicated to discover, show and comment on the latest developments in the cutting-edge technology known as Augmented Reality. This website has a history of over 10 years and is blogging for over 6 years now. Keep reading and discover a whole new extended digital and mixed reality!

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Augmented Reality (AR) is a computer technology to overlay video signals with computer generated images in real-time. Compare it to the Terminator view or a soccer game in Television, where flags appear on the lawn… Inserting graphics into video frames used to be a long an elaborated work – and still is for the highest quality! But nowadays computer speed is fast enough to already enter the world of real-time augmentations! It will take some time until we reach Hollywood-like convincing images, where we can actively walk through and interact, but we are heading the right way! This page wants to document this development and help out with ideas where possible. This involves taking a look at ground research for AR, but also includes different tracking solutions (hardware and software) and development in visual effects industry (also offline, postproduction). augmented.org also serves as a hub for further contacts: find links to well-known and less know AR sources and people. Find out about the problems AR has to face and hopefully get inspired for solutions.


Tobias Kammann
online -at- augmented.org

The site is run by me, Tobias D. Kammann, holding a Dipl. Inform. in Computational Visualistics. I’m involved in AR since late 2002 and worked on different projects for movie and television production and AR research, including movie previzualisation and realtime sports augmentation. I studied in Koblenz (Germany), Lappeenranta (Finland) and Donostia (Spain) and worked in Berlin and Prague for the production of Roman Polanski’s Oliver Twist. I lived in Munich for over 10 years and worked as researcher and project leader for different companies in the field of visual effects and real-time graphics, like RTT, Flavor3D or Mackevision. With the built-up expertise over the last decade in the automotive and visual effects industry focussing on augmented and virtual reality I now run my own consulting business via augmented.org, where I also blog about news from this tech space. Currently I work for Edataconsulting in Spain to create the metaverse.

Besides, if you are interested in photography as well or have a photo job assignment, take a look at my non-programming-but-world-documenting website or browse through some nice flickr free-time pictures.