Come out and play: upcoming conferences for remaining 2019

Hi everyone!

Time to plan the rest of the year and check options what to attend. Typically I’m focusing on European (German) market and US conferences (sorry). What conference to attend? What makes sense if you are working in AR? What red letter days do we need to remember? When to expect new cool demos? Where can you try the latest hardware (e.g. play piano on the HoloLens 2). Here a quickly compiled list of next events from my list. Please feel free to send me more suggestions!


Enterprise Wearable Technology Summit (EWTS) 17-19.09.2019, Dallas, Tx, USA

The 6th edition of EWTS basically covers all industry areas and has a list of mixed big player speakers (e.g. automotive). The typical sponsors like PTC or Qualcomm let me hope for some cool AR software and hardware news and demos. Industry partners include even AREA and AWE.

Unite 2019, 23.-26.09.2019, Copenhagen
Unity3D is one of the big real-time engine providers for AR/VR demos and products. Their Unite-conference will present their latest work on their engine for us to enjoy and discuss. – Obviously there are other real-time engine players like Unreal Engine noteworthy, but with no upcoming events I’ve noticed.

World Class Corporate Extended Reality (WCER) 24.+25.09.2019, Frankfurt, Germany
If you happen to be in Frankfurt area, you might want to check out the WCER. They speak of a target group of “Decision Makers and Leaders in Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality, Industry 4.0, Smart Factory, Corporate Learning and Talent Management, Employee Engagement, IT, Digital Transformation & Innovation, Digital Marketing, and Communication”. Check out their speaker list (still slots free for you!) and see if it’s time to get over to Mainhattan.

Oculus Connect 6, 25.-26.09.2019, San Jose, CA, USA
San Jose McEnery Convention Center in California
Facebook has been pushing more into AR and VR lately. The Oculus Quest release made the jump towards easy-to-use VR for everyone and AR is growing, too. Especially as (often silly) face filters in instagram or facebook messenger, etc., but the effort is there. Hopefully pushing (as rumored) towards new hardware such as a HMD. For the upcoming Connect they claim “This is where the next chapter for AR and VR begins.” Whatever that means. But I do hope for some big bang news in late September!


Aviation Week – MRO Europe, 15-17.10.2019, London, UK
The Aviation week will be all about technology within the aviation sector. Not specifically AR/VR. But like the automotive guys, the big aircraft players will always use latest tech to improve their processes and save costs. My company is attending, too. So, this is actually some personal marketing here. We will be showing a HoloLens planning tool and a VR training for MRO (maintenance, repair, overhaul). Make sure to stop by at our edataconsulting booth #1359.

International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR), 14-18.10.2019, Beijing, China
The ISMAR is ever since the leading international academic conference in the fields of Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality. Typically new research and ideas hit the light of day here first. So, if you are deeper into the future visions of MR and what is yet to come: sign up! has often attended and reported here. It’s always worth it – but don’t expect B2C products to buy from the shelf yet.

Augmented World Expo Europe (AWE EU), 17./18.10.2019, Munich, Germany
AWE is becoming more and more the classic default conference for AR/VR. It’s growing every year and returning to Munich again (yeah!). Check out their speaker lists and big exhibition area. Still early bird tickets are available. Prices going up soon. attending as media partner again and I will report before, on-site and afterwards as last years. Can’t wait!

Mobile World Congress LA, 22-24.10.2019, Los Angeles, USA
The MWC will again focus on the digital transformation, expected through 5G, IoT and an everything-connecting IT world. They claim “A Better Future through Intelligent Connectivity” for this year and hope to bring us a better life with the latest tech. Speakers list looks complete by today, so time to check out the more mobile focused event, that might hold some great AR easter eggs for us.


VRAR Global Summit, 1.-2.11.2019, Vancouver, CA
One more obvious stop for all AR/VR. They will cover topics on education, entertainment, enterprise, healthcare, retail, training, blockchain and more. Their own ad continues with Featuring keynote addresses, engaging panels, educational workshops, interesting networking opportunities, demos, exhibits, films, product launches and parties, the VR/AR Global Summit will entice and engage you from the moment you arrive. So, definitely to be checked out if you love Canada.

VRDays, 13-15.11.2019, Amsterdam, NL
The 5th “Lustrum” edition of VRDays will again bring together all folks working in AR/VR technology with hardware or software development. More than 140 speakers to present their ideas and a big floor to discover tech hands-on. In any case, Amsterdam is always worth a visit!

Virtuality, 21-23.11.2019, Paris, France
Maybe you are closer to Paris and would love to check out the latest immersive technologies and AR/VR stuff there. Although weather might get ugly, it’s definitely worth to observe the growing agenda and partner list. Still some time to go and slots to fill.


Guess it’s time to relax in December, put the AR glasses aside and enjoy some family time offline! will be attending MRO in London, AWE in Munich (as media partner again) and VRDays.
So feel free to write me in advance and happy to meet up! The AWE coverage to follow, asap!

Have a great day!