AWE Conference – Augmented Reality coming home

The Augmented World Expo AR Conference is coming home to Europe, to Munich in October 2017. That’s so great! Of course, I’m biased, since I’ve been living and working there for many years, working with lots of companies on AR, including metaio. Munich sure has been and still is a center of AR activities in Europe – and the world! […]

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There won’t be one augmented world!

We love to dream of a cyberspace in virtual reality and the equivalent of an augmented reality to enhance our lives. But will it ever become a reality like we dreamt it up? What might stand in its way? Let me dive into some daydreaming on it today. It’s not a summer slump thing while we wait for the upcoming […]

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World War Z – let the blind see with depth!

Today, on a lazy summer day, I`d like to think a little bit about two things on AR. First, the technological part of tracking and sensors with upcoming vendor´s fights (couldn`t resist the z-depth-buffer joke) and second, the form factor of today`s and tomorrow`s AR devices. Will we really wear glasses soon? What might be the showbreaker? Two cents on […]

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Digility Conference July, 5-6 – Win your ticket!

On July, 5th and 6th the Digility Conference on AR and VR will open it’s doors in Cologne, Germany, for the second time. is media partner again and today I’d like to give you the heads-up on this conference, my recommendation where to go – and you will even get the chance to win your free ticket for the […]

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Future Education in a Mixed Reality

Microsoft Education with Hololens and Mixed Reality

Kicking off into May 2017. Lots to see! Vfx-Conference FMX running in Stuttgart right now, animayo with dedicated parts to Mixed Reality world in Las Palmas, Unity Vision VR/AR Summit just ended a day ago! Neat. Unity team continues to position themselves in the AR/VR space nicely. Facebook Spaces is all done in Unity, native integration of Tango will follow […]

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