Las Palmas Mixed Reality Meetup


Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is a growing and blossoming metropolis with all advantages you can get (infrastructure, weather, the sea, tax deductions, close touch with Europe), but with no disadvantages. More and more technology companies come over to settle down with their back office or full headquarter here. Movie productions and Vfx companies love the stable weather for their backlot and outdoor productions.

Time to have all the professionals that are present here organized! Time for a Mixed Reality Meetup!

We meet up in the northern city center typically once per season, eat burgers and discuss and show off the technology. Be there and be square!

Check our schedule:

Las Palmas Mixed Reality Meetup

Due to Corona we currently only meet virtually. Make sure to check out our scheduled events in my LinkedIn Group #ARinMR and join the fun!

In person, we typically meet up at 200 gramos in Las Palmas:

This is how the first MeetUp looked below. Join us the next time! :-)