Teaching AR to understand the world (ISMAR & AWE 2)

Dadada, here, little computer! This is a teddy bear! Dadadada, this is a bottle! This is a skateboard, … but it is very dangeroooous! When communicating with computers and AI… we feel like “they” are still little babies, starting at zero. Also, augmented reality applications are often still too dumb to really help us out. Time to change this! A […]

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Touching the future – ISMAR & AWE in Munich (1)

Hey everbody, in October we had the great double trouble week in Munich, hosting both – ISMAR and AWE EU – for our pleasure. I’ve been there the whole week checking out the latest demos, papers, talks and companies. After some aftermath sorting of things it’s about time to point out some highlights. Coincidental, the AWE team just published their […]

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A week of Awesomeness coming up

Hi everybody, I guess you have been paying close attention to the Magical Elves at the LEAPCON like me. I`m happy to see some more movement on the AR almost-consumer-ready glasses market and with Magic Leap going for more software and content updates. I don`t care for Angry Birds AR, but happy to see more polished games and artistic demos […]

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