Microsoft presents new services to grow AR

On Sunday, during AWE in Barcelona, Microsoft presented in an one hour show multiple news on their commitment to the mixed reality space. Including demo showcases with partners, Azure cloud services, new software, ah, yeah, … and the HoloLens 2! Time to compare my wishlist from last week with it and to give my virtual two cents on the news. […]

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My MWC Hololens³ Wishlist

I’m sure you are following Alex “father of HoloLens” Kipman on twitter and saw his teaser video of “something to be revealed” next Sunday during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Well, it could be the teaser for a new terminator movie, brining back mimetic poly-alloy or some freaky colorful alien-styled worm race crawling along ropes to frighten us. But most […]

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Google’s ARCore attacks Apple’s ARKit

Google watching WWDC with Apple announcing ARKit: “Ooh, they launched their AR stuff without waiting for a depth sensor? Didn’t see that coming. Oh well, then let’s just //-comment out the Tango calls and make it another SDK quickly!”. This is not how it happened at Google. But feels like it. Out of the blue, Google launches their new SDK […]

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