The Year of Virtual Augmented Reality (Event List)

2020 – the year of virtual meetups It seems like 2020 becomes the year of virtual reality for obvious reasons world-wide. It`s pretty hard to try out the latest AR glasses in a telepresence call. Simulating AR glasses in VR feels also pretty silly and not so quite close to reality. Damn, so there you have it. With Magic Leap […]

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Up next: AWE in Munich, not up: Facebook AR

What’s up next? Busy days. Actually, I just wanted to publish an article titled “Facebook refuses to show their AR glasses”. As they did during Oculus Connect 6 just last week. But then again… what to talk about if they don’t actually show anything? Well to be fair, they showed a little bit. They talked about ongoing research, presented their […]

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A week of Awesomeness coming up

Hi everybody, I guess you have been paying close attention to the Magical Elves at the LEAPCON like me. I`m happy to see some more movement on the AR almost-consumer-ready glasses market and with Magic Leap going for more software and content updates. I don`t care for Angry Birds AR, but happy to see more polished games and artistic demos […]

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