Our Podcast

With my best buddies over at www.mixed.de I’m co-hosting a weekly podcast on all about mixed reality (and AI). We run since 2016. It’s in German, though. But if you have a real-time translator with you (your brain or Google) it’s definitely worth tuning in!

On Mixed Reality, we discuss the latest AR/VR technology, do hands-on reports on latest hardware, present cool demos or software, discuss use cases and tools or do some campfire philosophy chat about the meaning of all and if AR glasses will ever take off or if humanity is doomed before anyway. It’s always a fun discussion. We have a bigger staff and we are rotating team and topics, so join in for weekly XR/AI news:

Please check out our podcast page at mixed.de for all info:
Germany’s First Mixed Reality Podcast on mixed.de

You can also directly grab our podcast via:

Google Podcast App

Enjoy and let me know what you think via @MIXED_de or @augmentedorg on twitter!