Work for edataconsulting

Please find below some selected productions I am allowed to share:

AVA – Virtual Reality Technical Training (external video)
Audi: Augmented Reality Factory Planning (on request)
Industrial Client: Virtual Reality Factory Presentation (on request)
Cultural Heritage: Augmented Reality Mummification Process, Gran Canary (pending publication)
Augmented Reality Chemistry for Science Week 2019, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (external video)
Augmented Reality Game “Pirate Basket” for Science Week 2018, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (external video)
Zellkraftwerk: Virtual Reality Digital Cell and Tissue Cytometry with DataVizVR (external video)
Virtual Visits: Recreation of Office Spaces (external video)
Event and Space Planning Tool with Augmented Reality (Hololens) (external video)

2016 – Work for Mackevision / BMW

During my time at Mackevision I was in charge of AR/VR projects where focus lied on creation of interactive content using Unreal Engine and the recently released HTC Vive headset. Also, I created 360° experiences and managed “classic” CGI productions.

VR car design reviews with BMW Group (Press Note from Client) (Local copy as PDF.)

2006 to 2015 – Work for Dassault Systèmes

Feel free to reach out to me for a private link for an additional reel on projects, including real-time illumination of AR objects, tracking demos, haptic feedbacks, real-time previs and projection-based AR solutions.

3DXcite conference at one glance (article)
3DXcite conference at one glance (external video)
Projection-based Augmented Reality for fashion product presentation (article)
Projection-based Augmented Reality (external video)
High-end Augmented Reality Brochure demo (external video)

2005 – Work for Rise FX

Work with Rise FX team (back then named TVTPost) in Berlin and Prague on real-time previsualization, 3D modelling, set photography and CGI post-production.

Previous publications

Below you can find older publications, presentations, conference work and my thesis on augmented reality. We’ve come a long way since! But I’d like to keep the history record here to share. Especially my student thesis already shows quite a few great AR concepts that are still very valid today!

Publications and articles from before (up to 2012)