Booting up… ISMAR 2014!


Hi everyone,

ISMAR is starting up today in Munich! Hope to meet up and have some great demos, talks and workshops! The main conference will be starting on Wednesday ( will be officially reporting on the event afterwards), but today is already beginning with the first tech workshops in advance. The schedule of ISMAR is today:

  • 9am – 6pm – Workshop: Tracking Methods and Applications
  • 9am – 5:30pm – Workshop: Advancing the Art and Science of Manufacturing with AR
  • 9am – 12:30pm – Workshop: Collaboration in Mediated and Augmented Reality
  • 9am – 12:30pm – Tutorial: Fusing Web Technologies and Augmented Reality
  • 1pm – 5:30pm – Tutorial: AR Development with the Metaio Product Suite – Demonstration of Use Cases in Industry
  • 2pm – 5pm – Workshop: Exploring AR-Glasses and Their Pecularities

Tomorrow workshops, tutorials and tracking competition preparations will continue. Don’t forget the evening: at the dawn of the official ISMAR start (well, the night before) we will have the ARMUC STAMMTISCH (regular’s table). Hope to see you there for a beer! We will meet up on Tuesday at Augustiner Keller (Arnulfstraße 52) at 7.30 pm. All details can be found here:


Have a great augmented week in Munich!

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