Digility Conference July, 5-6 – Win your ticket!

On July, 5th and 6th the Digility Conference on AR and VR will open it’s doors in Cologne, Germany, for the second time. augmented.org is media partner again and today I’d like to give you the heads-up on this conference, my recommendation where to go – and you will even get the chance to win your free ticket for the show! So, let’s dive into it!

Digility Conference on AR/VR

The conference lays focus on all about augmented and virtual reality, including 360° imaging and video, wearable and things about the bigger picture and connection like society impacts and latest research on AI for instance. Last year I’ve been on location and was very pleased with the mixture of business-related and developer-friendly discussions that were encapsuled by more philosophical discussions on technology and where this could lead. (You can find my posts from 2016 here.)

This year the show will offer two day panels and presentations plus the show floor where exhibitors, live demos and partners can be checked out. In 2017 a new spin has been added to the event, being a HACKATHON for the developers and hackers interested in AR/VR speed programming in a team. Everybody (up to a hundred people) can join, there will be tutors to help you out and results will be shown at the very end of the conference. So, if you are more interested in actively coding and showing off your results on stage in the end – you might want to check out their info here. But if you prefer to hear talks, panel discussions and see more, you should read on below. (Also to win your ticket.) Before we jump into it, a quick 2016 recap from Digility to give you the idea:

Things you cannot miss

During the two days, two tracks will lay different focuses. The “big” track on day 1 goes for brands and enterprise-related business developments, track 2 aims at designers and developers. Day 2 will be more philosophically, envision the future of AR/VR and where the bigger impacts might happen. It will be rounded up by track 2 giving start-ups a chance and to discuss investments.

On day 1 I highly recommend the opening talk about “Making Superhumans” (no, it’s not AWE), that will be hold by Jody Medich (Singularity University), discussing the future of human machine interaction. Nvidia will also be on stage to show off with their latest R&D-activities and name “initiatives like near-eye holographic displays, foveated rendering, 16Khz panels, varifocal displays like lightfield displays”. So, hopefully we can get some updated insights here, too. The Captury will show their markerless body capture for VR. I’m sure they made some good progress since last presentation I’ve seen (2 years ago at FMX). Sticking with hardware and body captures: Manus VR will also be there to show their VR gloves and discuss human interaction for MR.

On day 2 you need to pick again. So, take a close look at their program. I’d say it’s definitely worth to check out the German research institute Fraunhofer HHI from Berlin. They are very dedicated to AR/VR, video capture and 3D reconstruction tech, as you can also check out before on their pages to get inspired. Patrick Ehlen (Loop AI Labs) will talk about the future of AI and how this could – or should – impact our lives and influence the technology. What should we do with all of this? The philosophical part continues with Jelle van Dijk (University of Twente) giving his talk “Out of your mind, into the body? From theory to inspiration”, seems like we dive into some transcendence discussions here including thoughts on first-person phenomenology for VR and it’s impacts. The following panel discussions will continue these human-computer-connections and also addresses the more down-to-earth question “What Happens When Apple Goes AR?”. Well, now Apple did go AR. So, let’s learn about their updated thoughts on this one during the panel.

If you want to be part of this, you need to you need to get 539 € from your ATM for a 2 day-ticket… or…

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See you on the other side at Digility if all goes well and you are one of the lucky winners. :-)