Augmenting your world without Glasses

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Everybody is obsessed with Magic Leap One to ship, Hololens next edition to come, questions like when will we see a Meta without wires and a working hand tracking? In short, we all hope for Sci-Fi-styled slim AR glasses to wear everyday. But, wait a minute. Is the glasses-hype justified? Would people really want to wear glasses if they don’t […]

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AWE Conference – Augmented Reality coming home

The Augmented World Expo AR Conference is coming home to Europe, to Munich in October 2017. That’s so great! Of course, I’m biased, since I’ve been living and working there for many years, working with lots of companies on AR, including metaio. Munich sure has been and still is a center of AR activities in Europe – and the world! […]

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Google’s ARCore attacks Apple’s ARKit

Google watching WWDC with Apple announcing ARKit: “Ooh, they launched their AR stuff without waiting for a depth sensor? Didn’t see that coming. Oh well, then let’s just //-comment out the Tango calls and make it another SDK quickly!”. This is not how it happened at Google. But feels like it. Out of the blue, Google launches their new SDK […]

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There won’t be one augmented world!

We love to dream of a cyberspace in virtual reality and the equivalent of an augmented reality to enhance our lives. But will it ever become a reality like we dreamt it up? What might stand in its way? Let me dive into some daydreaming on it today. It’s not a summer slump thing while we wait for the upcoming […]

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World War Z – let the blind see with depth!

Today, on a lazy summer day, I`d like to think a little bit about two things on AR. First, the technological part of tracking and sensors with upcoming vendor´s fights (couldn`t resist the z-depth-buffer joke) and second, the form factor of today`s and tomorrow`s AR devices. Will we really wear glasses soon? What might be the showbreaker? Two cents on […]

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