The better EyeToy for your PC?!

Cam-Trax has released a video for their camspace project. They do real-time 2D tracking of arbitrary objects using off the shelf webcams. The quality looks pretty stable and even the fastest movements (throwing a rod through air, flipping it) won’t kill the tracking. Take a peek look at the game demos (AR Pong, etc.) and wait like me for the […]

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AR Musicproduction

All documentation to the Augmented Reality Music Production project (by Daniel Hienert) are now online as well! Play augmented drums on a stereo projection screen and use AR technology to compose music, play instruments, mix up your tracks and replay midi files to learn by watching and doing… Check out the media section and the videos in Project: AR Musicproduction […]

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Augmented Television online

Finally, I put up my documentation and the videos to the “Augmented Television” project. The idea is to overlay television images with additional annotations and 3D graphics in real-time – but not a priori or at the broadcaster side, but instead at the very end of the chain: I do the overlay inside the television set of each viewer in […]

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