At ISMAR 2011, teasing.

Hi everyone!


I just finished my great first day at ISMAR11 in Basel, Switzerland. A lot of great people, impressions, demos, talks and information. It will take a little bit longer to sort out all cool pictures and to distil the best stories for you.

For now I have to say, I loved a lot of demos, would have liked to see some poster sessions live rather than just printed and the organization went pretty smoothly! After yesterday’s workshop sessions, today it was the first conference day with talks and demos. Oliver Grau started the keynote on the history of Immersion and digital art, sessions on planar tracking, mobile localization, reconstruction, games, AR browsers, architecture and business models were to follow. The tracking competition had some delay, but I’m sure we will have an interesting battle tomorrow from compeeting teams (such as IGD, metaio, VTT, TU Munich and Mark Fialas Team from Canada). The tasks are pretty challenging I can give away already!

I will go into detail after tomorrow, for now I want to tease you a bit with some first impressions through pictures. There are much more pictures I took this Thursday. Some will appear here, all will appear offically via ISMAR11’s website later. :-) Enjoy!


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