ISMAR next week, new videos today!

ISMAR coming up next week!

Time to take a closer look at the program of the ISMAR conference next week. I will cover all first hand on location, maybe even check out the parallel conference ARToday for a sneak. T Minus 5 days!


So, today one more paper pre-presented with a preview called “Transformative Reality: Augmented Reality for Visual Prostheses”. The research here was funded by the Australian Research Council Research in Bionic Vision Science and Technology Initiative and they describe it best themselves:

Visual prostheses such as retinal implants provide bionic vision that is limited in spatial and intensity resolution. Transformative Reality (TR) improves resolution-limited bionic vision by performing real time transformations of visual and non-visual sensor data into symbolic renderings. Our demo will immerse users in a visual world limited to 25×25 binary dots that simulates low resolution bionic vision; what does the world look like in 625 bits?

Projected AR and Interaction: OmniTouch

OmniTouch is a wearable depth-sensing and projection system that enables interactive multitouch applications on everyday surfaces. This bulky demo shows a great future vision: to surpass the tiny screens and interaction areas of today’s smartphones and to interact within the real space directly. Being a big fan of ProjectedAR/SpatialAR this is another great demonstrator that makes my heart leap. I mentioned this work from the CMU and Microsoft Research before, but the video is fresh and all will be included in the Symposium on User interface Software and Technology: Santa Barbara, California, October 16 – 19, 2011.

(C) Omnitouch 2011

Total Immersion updates their AR solution

Total Immersion has released a new free to download version of their D’Fusion Studio software package.

To show off with their new features, T-Immersion has released their free fun game called SkinVaders: the first game to use AR to bring players into the game—literally and physically—transforming their faces into game terrain over which alien invaders, known as SkinVaders, battle for domination. Players must tap the other’s faces and kill popping eggs laid by aliens. Sounds like fun – gonna try this weekend. :-)

To quit the week…

DigitalWorldExpo asks itself, whether AR will work on skin. Lucky we are passed fiducial markers by now. Though, a hiro marker would be retro again!

See you next week, hopefully in persona! Stay tuned.

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