Thanks ISMAR, multi sensor overflow!

Great days!

Thanks a lot ISMAR and i.e. thanks to all involved people making this great conference come alive. Now it’s time to hit the road and head back to Munich with a bag full of pictures, new ideas, visions, the warm feeling of having met so many nice people and the urge to tell everyone about it. So, expect major updates here during the next days! It wouldn’t be adequate to squeeze all into on entry here. :-)

What I liked best was the heartly and open-minded atmosphere of all AR people. Everywhere people where discussing ideas, waving around their arms in explanations and a lot of brains heating up visibly. Great keynotes gave the visions (but not the killer app ;-)), the cool demos where fun and interesting and the talks made the dusty paper work come alive. Great contributions came in the area of depth cameras (well, almost by 100% the Kinect), that really change the game for AR, I believe. The demos showed us exiting ways of how we can integrate AR into our lives, how we can enjoy it and what the current status of the rapidly evolving tracking technology is. All to be covered.

It was also amazing to see how dedicated everybody works in his or her field, especially visible in the tracking contest, where you could smell the enthusiam in the air, people starring at the screens observing, even more exited and immersed than when watching the finals of the world cup and participants squeezing that last bit of error minimization out of their code minutes before the run. The winners and the dedicated post & impressions on the tracking contest to follow, too!

Luckily parallel to the ISMAR, Basel had the SHIFT art festival running, including a special ISMAR@SHIFT exhibition with great works mixing realities, changing our perception of reality and making us dream and laugh. Impressions to follow.

If you where wise enough to sign up for the LifeClipper3 experience before, happening inside the park aside the conference dinner location, you had another chance to daydream and immerse in a parallel, yet-present MR universe. Time to dream of alternate reality games with tiny goggles and a time to think of the artistic potential and emotional suggestions made possible. Time to have a break and create your own individual reality within the hectic world. Story to follow, too.

So for now, it’s time to say FAREWELL BASEL and thank you all, who made this great conference happen and another HELLO with the best greetings to all out there I could finally meet personally!


PS. All the pictures I took will be published through ISMAR website next days, but partly also here and on facebook/flickr.

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