Happy Pottering!

Damn, busy days, so I thought I’ll swim with the wave and dig out some awesome Harry PottAR (omg) gags. But so far it has been only one demo from EA, that brings us some Harry fun to enjoy before we go to the movies (or don’t). Interaction between marker bound characters is always fun (like in the Star Wars Jedi fight), but nothing too crazy you’d expect with their creativity budget. Nevertheless, good fun for HP fans. I’d like to see more magic for this kind of franchise! :-)

Meanwhile, Apple patents more and more AR features, hope we get by with cool AR unsued!

E.g. for toy lovers: the AR.FlyingAce app for your AR.Drone! You can see the drone’s view on your ipad or iphone and shoot missiles towards your opponent. Below the fun marketing video and here another one that reminds you more of a paparazzi.drone. ;)

Short conclusion (e.g. as seen in German Computer magazine critics): bluetooth range sucks for this kind of game – you literally have to run after your drone not to loose the connection. But the idea is great, esp. that the loser automatically drops from the sky! Love it!

Enjoy the weekend!

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