Thursday News

For the weekend some mixed news on the latest AR stuff this time for the early weekend on a Thursday. But before that I’d like to thank all, who gave me such a positive feedback on the interview-styled blogging (last weeks AR on previs). If you have your own idea or project you’d like to share, feel free to contact me directly.

Dreamy Future Cars

The 1st Prize at the Imagina Awards 2011 in “Best Design and Communication” went to Michael Harboun, who asked himself the question: “What if you could travel to exotic, far-away destinations while being stuck in traffic?” The Aeon Project explores the possibility of AR inside sci-fi dreamy transport vehicles. The concept video is a great watch, altough it get’s a bit freaky with the spherical vehicle and also spherical-dreamy music, when he suddenly turns the whole windshield into a VR world. Scary and beautiful!

Update: Video should work again! Sorry!

More of today’s world is…

…another neat video from Vuzix. I always like Magic Book styled things, where objects use the marker itself as a gateway/door to step into our world. Here it’s nicely done with the toon character (and his dog!). Also the integration looks pretty convincing, making me scream: let’s get the next generation of AR goggles already! :-)

Staying there with Pop-Ups…

… I liked this ipad2-demo, where we have a pop-up-pop-up-book with AR (you’ve heard me). It actually extends a regular pop-up book with a AR pop-up, instead of extending a regular book with an AR pop-up. ;-)

Also for people like me scanning the world for cool new ipad apps, there might be coming up in fall 2011, giving us a funny multiplayer game for iOS-devices! Hope to see a version with real occlusion with the objects lying on my table, though!

An Origami interactive Tutorial…

…comes from the guys from Oricrafter, who show us the art of origami paper figures and foldings with the help of augmented reality. Clever! You can vote for their idea at the Imagine Cup.


…is what you can do at César Mora’s open source project, he started to give a free framework for AR development. It’s multi platform and comes with its own markup language and allows extending scripting through goold old python interface. You can join him on sourcefourge!

…and in the end…
…you might be fed up with the looks of your robot vacuum cleaner in your house! So by then it’s time to (sorry) abuse the virtual furnishing real room demo and augment your vacuum robot with something cool and moving! :-)


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