AR Mascots, Mixed Reality Paintings and more

Today I’ll offer a small collection of mixed news.

  • YDreams uploaded a new video of their little AR mascot program. You see a little virtual play buddy running around your room, reacting to your actions and fully occluded by the room’s geometry. Unfortunately we don’t learn if there is an AI controlling the little fellow:

  • The ConceptLab in New Zealand shows a new way of digital, mixed reality tracing paper. Easily mix the two worlds if you are an artist and want to stick to real paper, but like to have the advantages of the computer era:

    Drawing in Mixed Reality from Marcel van Heist on Vimeo.

  • In February there will be the next WARM in Graz, Austria. It’s the fifth event, starting of Februar, 24th, with workshops for two days and another two days for skiiing. :-)

    Quoting the introduction from their website:

    The fields of Computer Graphics, Augmented Reality, Computer Vision and Ubiquitous Computing have the potential to be synergistic. However, the overlap and mutual contributions of each area has yet to be expressed and understood. The specialist, immersed in his or her own discipline, struggles to see the “big picture”. The core of the workshop is Augmented Reality and Ubiquitous Computing and we are soliciting presentations from members of each community that illuminate the interplay between the different disciplines and AR.

  • Another team-up has been defined in the MIRACLE project: the HITLab from New Zealand and the German Fraunhofer institute (FIT) build a research project called Mixed Reality Applications for City-based Leisure and Experience. Location based services, mobile device visual tracking and applications in AR to come!

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