AR Quake 2.0


A long time ago there was the first try of an augmented reality version of the all-time id classic Quake. Performance was low, quality was cr*ppy, but it was a nice first attempt – even with occlusion by the real world’s objects (through hand-modelled real world 3D architecture duplication). Now this video hit the world on youtube Augmented Reality Game Example – Future of Augmented Reality Gaming”.

It nicely shows a fast paced action shooter, of course first-person style. It appears to be a live demo, since the crowd is waving into the camera and the virtual soldiers appear among them. It comes with a toy-gun to shoot those enemies and a great looking real-time keying for the occlusion by real victims/extras. There is nothing more to say. It’s just a stunning demonstration of how we could have the next level of military training, gaming or complete other scenarios with mixed and augmented reality.

For now I couldn’t find the source of it (fake, real, …). It seems to have been shown on a R&D summit in Isreal 2008 and T-Immersion is listed in the tags. I’ll investigate. If you know more, please let us know in the comments!

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