Augmented Shopping in Real Space

Spatial Computing and new paradigms for HMI, i.e. human machine interaction, are a huge field of research, that became more and more popular (or let’s say: became more coverage in media during last years). Starting with hand-gestures and iphone-tricks, leading to Windows 7 and multitouch, Surface tables and 3D-cameras for Project Natal… it all comes together as a keyboard and mouse-killer application concept. Combining these more-natural-input ideas with augmented reality goggles could really, really have the biggest impact on the computer world since the internet. Well, even bigger maybe.

I’m also working on HMI optimization for VR environments and that’s why I’m ashamed, that I missed this neat concept video from Phedhex. Thomas at Gamesalfresco dug it up and I must show it to you, too.

It actually is the 2nd part of Phedhex’s series on spatial computing, this time covering shopping as an application example, using AR goggles. He does a great job of postproduction, giving life to his concept. There have been demos before and there is software out there (that e.g. decorates your living room with virtual about-to-buy objects), but this nicely combines glove/gesture interaction with an AR experience and an actual industry scenario. It’s great how the furniture drops to the ground and how easy-to-use the interface appears.

So again… let’s hope for a near-future release of good HMD goggles. :-)

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