A new game for the Playstation Portable was announced. Using the camera they allow you to see animals appear on your desk and it looks like a beat-em-up multiplayer. Interesting is the use of new interaction paradigms, like blowing (trigger a storm), shaking (earthquake) or shading your animal friends. The only thing I don’t understand is how they want to find invizimals running around in your home – without a placed marker or anything. This just can’t work and sounds like a hyped PR material video, that will never be seen like that at the customer’s. Or at least not yet… The PSP does not bring a full fine grained GPS or similar. How do they want to track the correct position? I doubt that they actually use a fully fleashed feature tracking within the device, just using the medium quality connectable webcam. But besides, a neat vision, that finally looks cool and brings multi-player! Check it out.

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