My own work and impressive visual quality for AR

As some of you might know, I’m working at the research department for RTT in Munich. So, now it is – for the first time – the moment to show you some work I am doing here.

Finally we finished the pilot of our AR work. Now there is an extension to the real-time high-end visualisation software “DeltaGen” available, that brings you Augmented Reality. So if you are a lucky owner of RTT DeltaGen you can now switch from VR to AR with a single click. DeltaGen is designed for highest possible visual quality in real-time, in our teaser video below you see an Audi R8, done from actual CAD data. No special import/convertion is necessary to show it in AR. Just activate the real world in your computer.

We use a second special fisheye camera to capture the reflection and lighting. All combined in real-time. You might want to use black+white markers or switch to feature based tracking. Feel free to check out our teaser and leave a comment on youtube or here. The pilot is available already and was first presented at the RTT conference in Munich this May. I’m proud of this work and this long project, that finally is ready to hit the market. The big release of the final product is due to this summer. Then you will also see a bigger and longer video, showing all the details. Be prepared! ;-) And now you are the first to see our work in a sneak peak…

RealView by RTT

I don’t know how many co-workers read my blog, but nevertheless: hey, thanks to everyone, who helped realising this project! Looking forward to get to the next steps in pushing AR realism to the next level!

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