3DXCITE Conference at one glance!


Hi everybody,

we had a great week and a great conference! Two days packed with demos and new solutions presented to the whole visualization world. To quickly wrap up and give a first impression of the show I edited a small (phone-cam’ed – sorry) video of some of the demos, that touch augmented reality. Official material will pop up later, but here you can have a sneak peak!

What I especially liked was the tracked projection mapping demo for a clay model of a car, that uses the Werklicht projector hardware and a tracked wand to draw on the physical model with virtual colors. A great blend of the physical and virtual world! It really brings together 3D guys and hands-on clay model designer!

In the end of the video you will see another cool demo: using metaio’s edge-based tracking with our data sets to give a stable mobile augmented reality solution without the need for markers! Enjoy!

Best greetings,