Our new AR/VR Podcast is online!

Hi everybody,

a quick word from my own business: we have started a new German-speaking (sorry) podcast on mixed reality. So if you speak or understand some German, read on! For everbody else: don´t be afraid! augmented.org will stay in English and will keep blogging more than ever!

If you do understand German, I´ll invite you to listen to our first official episode online. It is a cooperation between different people, nicely presented and hosted by the German Virtual Reality Online Magazine VRODO. I´ve joined forces with Matthias, Christian and Sven to bring you the latest news on AR and VR. We are still upgrading the tech and concept, so bare with us and leave us all your comments!

VRODO_cast #001

We are very excited to get this started and we are sure that it will grow and augment over time! We will provide you with weekly news on AR and VR and comment on and interview the shit ouf of the metaverse! This week´s episode is on the new EverestVR experience, the new facebook 360° video features, the too-good-to-be-true VR glasses from China and the first gay marriage in the metaverse!

Find it on the VRODO website, on the youtube channel or on soundcloud and your favorite podcaster (listed in itunes):

So, check it out and share, like, thumb-up or star it, if you hopefully like it!