ISMAR winners!

ISMAR 2014 Conference in Munich

Hi everybody,

today a short update to state the results from the Volkswagen tracking challenge and the winners of ISMAR awards!
As you might now, every year VW is sponsoring a tracking competition at ISMAR to benchmark and compare different solutions by the industry or universities/research institutes. Always new and different easy and very tough scenarios are set up each time and competing parties will have to code and adjust their solutions on location in extreme programming sessions to squeeze the last percentages of quality out of their tracking algorithms.

This year six teams joined the challenge:

More details on the tracking contest and the different challenges can be found on the updated page from Volkswagen:

During the announcement of the winner at the conference dinner, Prof. Dr. Schreiber from VW gave some further details on the results. E.g. metaio did score pretty high on the turning car with 27 out of 27 points, while Fraunhofer IGD lead the very hard challenge of tracking and learning on different vehicles (with 33 points in total, whilst 2nd place only had 6). The tracking task within an unknown environment (labyrinth) did not have an official winner by the defined rules and metrics, but Infocomm and IGD had comparable decent results. Mr. Schreiber also stated that this challenge was a new experience and might get adjusted a bit. Still a good learning experience!

So, in short, the winner are:


ISMAR 2014 Conference in Munich

Besides the tracking winners there were more award winners! So without further ado:

  • Best Short Paper: “Semi-Dense Visual Odometry for AR on a Smartphone” by Thomas Schöps, Jakob Engel, Daniel Cremers
  • Best Long Paper: “Interactive Near-Field Illumination for Photorealistic Augmented Reality on Mobile Devices” by Kai Rohmer, Wolfgang Büschel, Raimund Dachselt, Thorsten Grosch
  • “10 Year Last Impact”-Award went to Gudrun Klinker

Congratulations to everybody! And a special thanks again to Mrs. Klinker (and her whole team) for organizing this big event!

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