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Blog Update

Hi everybody,

as you might notice I’m updating the design! This will happen along the way and take a bit, but I’d like to start today to clean it all up and have a fresh look in the end! I want to be all set up nicely for this year’s ISMAR! Today popping up my new logo. Hope you like it. It’s the good old Penrose triangle, with a twist to it. I think it’s a good match, since it describes an impossible reality. Maybe it is not all impossible in the end – getting augmented reality to support us! :-)

news from metaio


During my vacation, metaio presented two new videos on their blog and website, so I decided to make a all Munich update today! The first one shows their approach towards AR with smart watches, that are getting more popular these days. See the nice marketing demo below:

The second video shows their extension to a virtual reality experience with the support of AR. Why that? Typically a hand-held VR using gyros or compass will only give you three degrees of freedom (being the angles). A full movement cannot be registered accurately by the sensors. Now metaio presents the use of their latest implementation of SLAM (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping) algorithm to allow exactly that: the data retrieved through SLAM are not used to position objects into the scene, but give information on the position (changes) of the user. This way full freedom in movement can be possible! As Peter says: welcome holo deck!

Getting closer: ISMAR 2014

… and once more about Munich! Don’t forget to book your hotels and flights for this year’s ISMAR, happening in Bavaria! Sorry to disappoint: Oktoberfest will only start two weeks later, but I’m sure you will get some decent German beer also in the conference week! :-)