Mantis’ Vision on AR

Hi everybody,

I wanted to share this for a while now, finally I get around to do so! The below video is a concept video for next gen mobile devices using AR/VR to present the world to us and create new experiences (okay, enough marketing talk).


But the video is very well made and comes not from a nobody. It’s presented by MV4D.
These guys are part of Google’s project tango and know a thing or two about their field. So, here we go with the cool, motivating clip. It sure works:

The video shows nicely different possible use cases, ranging from a depth keying (to create a sweet video for daddy) to 3D reconstruction by multiple users to also allow a virtual view port (to move around the drummer freely), “classic” augmented try-on of shoes (including the connection to the cloud, allowing to shop later at home) and to create a race track in your living room (by 3D-scanning the room on the fly and defining the race path by walking through the real physical space).

I think all demos are nicely presented focusing on a small but working story including thoughts about usability and forms of interaction and user connection. If I were the business angel, I would sure open my wallet after watching this video. :-) So, let’s hope that their claim is not pointing too far into the future:
COMING SOON to a mobile device near you!