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TDK just announced their latest OLED technology UEL476, bringing us neat transparent RGB colored displays closer! The tech specs are a field angle of 2.4 inches, transmittance of 40 percent, brightness of 150 cd/m². They claim to get pretty good viewing angles and fast response times by currently 240×320 pixels on 36.0 × 47.9 mm.

Could be another way to get closer to AR Head Mounted Displays…

Windshield HUDs

… or towards high quality HUD systems for our cars and navigational needs or wants. Company Autoglass has put up a marketing future vision video I wanted to share nevertheless, since it nicely illustrates the HUD idea again:

Will the car windscreen display key information about speed, fuel and any issues with parts of the car. Even combine visual sensors with augmented reality , online maps and GPS technology to provide drivers with live, visual information about the places and hazards around them.

In other news…

We get more and more slides and talks floating in from ARE 2011, e.g. Microsoft’s presentation on Read/Write World.

Also be sure to check out the upcoming Augmented Reality Summit in London on June, 16th.

Hopefully you already are in London for the currently running Augmented Planet 2011 Event, I unfortunately didn’t cover beforehand. Lester also runs the augmentedplanet blog and can be met these days here.

Jumping south to Italy, we follow Mark Skwarek, who pointed me to his interesting twitter AR project “The Island of Hope”. To quote for starters:

People’s hopes and dreams are brought to life by the “Island of Hope” at the Venice Biennial AR Intervention 2011.
The island searches for the world’s most hopeful tweets.
It searches for the hashtag #hope and considers what the tweeter is hoping for. Only the very best hopes of that day are answered with physical objects. These objects erupt from the island volcano, floating upward and spread, settling across Venice.
At 5:00 p.m. each day the most re-tweeted #hope floats up into the sky at the Giardini and San Marco Square with the ringing of the bell. The Island of Hope is viewed on supported smart-phones.

The show runs from May, 31st to June, 12th! Be sure to tweet around, too! :-)

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