Augment yourself in the bathroom mirror!

Good for early or late hours, when you definitely don’t want to see that yawning or pimpled face of yours… Additionally just convert yourself further to an Anime hero or any other cartoon character with the work of samahmuslima(?) ! See the virtual character follow all your mirrored moves! Full body/joints/facial tracking, keying, overlay, occlusion and fun included!

Well, obviously we don’t get that live yet. Damn! :-) I couldn’t get a hold of her/him, but it’s described as the final project in engineer study. A great and funny concept video showing us once again the cool wonders of Augmented Reality! Just love it! Well done!

If you, samahmuslima, read this, please drop me a line. Is there a HD-version? Or who did it? Any translators around? :-)

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