Easter Eggs of the Future

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One week to go and I’m in a rush, but I can’t hide the augmented eggs no further. Especially since Rouli cracked the egg open. So, what is this all about?
The Talking Augmented Easter Egg lets you identify real eggs. They will come to life and you might want to decorate those, break them or even talk to them. Definitely fun times for the upcoming Easter holiday. As Rouli puts it, you’d better let your children play with your iPhone for this one… otherwise it will look pretty weird, when you run around with your smartphone balacing in one hand and some raw eggs in the other… :-) Get Irregular’s App here.

If you want to avoid running around with both hands tied to your AR, you might want to get your hopes up with metaio’s latest announcement. HMD company Vuzix starts a bigger alliance with metaio to get closer to HMD-based hands-free AR:

Vuzix Corporation today announced that it has formed a marketing and development partnership with metaio, the leader in the field of professional Augmented Reality (AR) software systems, to deliver head mounted display (HMD) solutions for their customers.

If you can make it to Santa Clara on May 17/18th you got to attend the Augmented Reality Event, featuring not only great AR news, but high class key speakers, e.g. well received sci-fi author Bruce Sterling, VR-Guru Jaron Lanier or Universe Creator Will Wright.

And to finish the week with a video – if you didn’t follow my facebook news. :-) A well-done future concept! – This is more of an interfacing/surface and ubiquitous computing thing than precise AR, but the concept video is so good, I thought I’d rather share it, too! Enjoy the weekend

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