Raptyr HMD and AR Pacman

News on HMDs

Vuzix Raptyr

Once again, we get a tiny step closer to consumer HMDs, by the release of a new product from Vuzix. They won the Innovation Award at this year’s CES with it. So, what’s different? It looks like a regular video-see-through HMD from the distance, but actually ships holographic projection for both eyes, thus allowing the user to see the real world only through a bit of glass. With no lags or smaller resolution. To use it for AR it ships motion sensors, headphones, a microphone and a 6 MP camera. Since optical see-through always runs into problems when being used outside a dark lab (the real world tends to be much brighter than the augmented objects, thus making those really bad to see), the new Raptyr lets you electronically darken your shades, giving the AR graphics a better chance. Hope to get it into my hands, soon. :-)

Otherwise, if you want to try out something different during the winter season, why not get your ski goggles with GPS, embedded HUD and smartphone connectivity, that were seen at CES 2011: video and promo on recon instruments.

Become a super hero!

I mentioned it earlier on facebook (youtube video here), how one guy from Japan turned himself into Ultra Seven. Now, the code is freely available for your Kinect owning AR fans!

AR Challenge

Qualcomm AR Developer Challenge closes its submissions for your AR app tomorrow! So, hurry up, whatever you wanted to hand in! Take an extra slice of pizza, boil that coffee and work to get the deadline done! :-)

AR Survey

Daniel Cooper, grad student at Ball State U is currently working on his master thesis on the applications of augmented reality towards information design and visual storytelling. He’s still recruiting participants for his survey on this topic, so, if you’d like to help a fellow AR researcher out, please contact him quickly by mail and answer his few questions! :-) Thanks.

Apps Heaven

Pacman AR app

Wanting to do more with your mobile phone? Then either try out this coupon app at rabees to catch the flying bees for a discount (iPhone app) (German only), try another local search AR app called ziplocal or get ready to play the first layar-based AR mobile game, bringing back Pacman to AR (youtube) (used to be with a heavy backpack + HMD or with your webcam at home).

Enjoy the week!

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