Happy New Year!

Hey everyone!

A happy new year to you all! Let’s see, what AR has to offer in 2011! 2010 was a great step I believe. Loads of recognition of AR through mobile apps and a big leap towards better interaction through the cheap availability of infrared cameras in form of the Kinect. A lot of great videos hit the web and researchers are having more and more time for higher level problems, since the basic tracking becomes more and more a standard package for all platforms. Can’t wait to see 2011 get started!

The usual suspects wrote up their ideas for 2011 regarding AR, I’ll just link to a short quora thread and point to metaio and Ori’s and Rouli’s summary on 2010 predictions and their fulfillment (part 8 contains my augmented.org predictions :-)).

So, let’s kick off 2011 and for a fun entry I’d like to copy a link I’ve found via Thomas, because it’s just so damn funny, to see “Cars” come alive:

So, a prosperous, healthy and happy new year to you all!!!

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