ViewNet AR Visions and a moose in the stadium

Whew, this has been a long summer gap of 10 days. There is loads of AR, promotional ad-AR going on and some reports hit the web (as Gamesalfresco lists nicely), but I’ve been too busy. Now back on track, I’d like to start with some vision:

ViewNet Augmented Reality Mapping 3D

The ViewNet project is a collaborative R&D projected in the UK. Funded by TSB and EPSRC. I like their concept video on where AR could make a difference for security, forensics, etc. Afterall it’s about information overlay, that otherwise needs to be looked up annoyingly on your palm, laptop, etc. The instant access to data in your surrounding world is shown again nicely:

Besideds, T-Immersion is working heavily on their head tracking and the marketing of the very same cool eye catcher. See it put up for JumboScreens in a stadium. Adding a smile to each face during half breaks joking around with markerless augmentations.

… and finally see some more head tracking fun from the beloved Woody and his Toy Story friends from TS3-Immersion.

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