Popcodes and Conferences


In mixed news I’d also like to point to the neat popcode demos, done by young UK company extra-reality. They generated a spin-off of University of Cambridge Research to bring us popcode: with a mobile AR tool, using marker and markerless tracking, overlaying interactive CG content to your texture. The tracking looks pretty stable and works smoothly in the shown demo. Neat!

Interviews with the Pros

If you feel like listening a bit more to two of the Augmented Reality Pros and their visions, check out the below interviews. First one features Robert Rice (Neogence) talking about the Future of AR and mobile systems.

Interview Robert Rice on vimeo (part 1)

Secondly, we have a short snippet on Ori Inbar (Ogmento and of course the great gamesalfresco). A bit on ARE 2010, ARNY, state of the art in industry and a quick demo on Put A Spell:

Interview Ori Inbar on youtube

Speaking of Ori, he just added a long and extensive blog entry on Why games are AR killer apps online, be sure to read the full story on his page.


ARE 2010

For more hands-on AR there are the great conferences all over the world. If you didn’t happen to be in Santa Clara in June, you have missed the Augmented Reality Event (ARE). A nice collection of AR demos has been compiled on youtube for our viewing pleasure:

metaio insideAR 2010

So, if you are around in Europe you definitely want to check out metaio’s open house conference to see their latest inventions. It will be on September, 27th, 2010 in Munich, Germany. And again it features the Oktoberfest afterparty. ;-)

Bullet points so far include:

  • Keynotes & Workshops
  • Live-Demonstrations & Futures Parlour
  • Success Stories & Business Models
  • Latest Developments & Announcements for 2011

ISMAR 2010

… and for the grand finale there will be the ISMAR (International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality), this year going East to Seoul, Korea. Be sure to check back to their website www.ismar10.org for latest news. I’ll also give updates for sure. ISMAR 2010 will take place 13-16th October 2010.

So, a lot of cool demos to be expected for the last part fo 2010!!! :-)

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