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Junaio Wo guckst Du

During the FIFA world cup and the summer gap, luckily people go outside to meet with their friends, wave their flags and search the best spot to watch the next game with a good projection, a cold beer or with the biggest possible number of fans for the same team. They leave their computers off for a while and are only dependent on their mobiles to find their friends.

Now you get another nice and nerdy option to fiend your new favorite public viewing spot and friends. metaio teamed up with Vodafone and Impire to extend their mobile AR platform junaio to bring you the best AR real-time information on the next beer garden with a big screen or the closest Irish Pub with HD. Once you’ve found a place to watch the game with the new channel called “Wo guckst Du?” (engl.: “where are you watching?”), you can access real-time statistics such as goals, shots on goal, corner kicks, off-sides, penalties, time of possession, passes, fouls, etc., or simply review the team line-up directly overlaid onto the football field.

In their press release they give us even more hope on future AR ideas:

Finally, the match-statistics are also available while you are sitting in the stadium. Having real-time statistics and information about players displayed on the real playground is a glimpse into the future of watching sports. Imagine the possibilities of identifying and tracking single players during the match through the camera of your phone?

Wo guckst Du? – Website

So, go out, enjoy the games and maybe show off with some technology at the side line. ;-)

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