Augmented Outdoor Activities

Rouli beat me to it blogging on the Augmented Reality Farmville, but I consider it worth mentioning, too. :-) On the short FIFA Wold Cup break, maybe it’s time for some gardening…

The Technical University Munich and its great AR department show another neat demonstration on mobile augmented reality, using a HMD, marker tracking and marker tool interaction. Without further ado I guess it’s best, if you just take a look:

Once again, a nice prototype, that lets us peek into the future. With all these virtual goods, farmville addictions and a general virtualization of belongings it’s just consequent to some day augment your pets or flowers. Of course, we don’t really want to live in a gray world, where it’s only beautiful through a HMD. But especially for that reason, it’s worth thinking about the possible impact of technology. What about future born “AR natives”? Will they redefine real objects? Will they consider virtual plants as valid as physical plants? Well, this is another long discussion.

If you’re not into plants, you can take another look here:

Dobroye utro, Russia! T-Immersion partner AR Door set up a nice mall AR demo to attract customers and get their faces masked and a flyer augmented. Get out there and grab a coffee.

Besides, wannabe millionaires play around with augmented reality in Portland to show us their millionaire fantasies they are having during this summer.

So, enjoy the heat outdoors (even if you don’t become a millionaire this week)!

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