Augmented Driving and metaio goes Flash

Augmented Driving

Imaginyze are introducing their Augmented Driving app. It is not yet available, but you can already see their work in the video below. This would be great to have it displayed on the windshield. Future, here we come! For now we are limited to a smaller screen and to snapshots instead of live view (see Thomas’ post), but it looks promising regarding feature tracking for street lanes, cars and other obstacles.

Imaginyze says and lists the following features:

Experience augmented reality and real-time object detection in action on the road.

  • Dynamic augmented reality overlays for lanes and vehicles
  • Head-up display (HUD) for system and status information
  • Lane detection and lane change warning
  • Vehicle detection and low distance information
  • Automatic system-calibration for easy setup

metaio in Flash

metaio flash unifeye

metaio just launched their new Flash version of their Unifeye Augmented Reality product. While most of their effort probably goes into native applications and mobile AR, they from now on also support Flash based AR. The beta can be tried out here. For now the only available demo shows their demo reel nicely in an old telly set in your hands. So, be sure to check back for more.

The current beta (!) works like a charm, but tracking and processing seems to be a bit more limited in the flash environment. Stability with a local installation of Unifeye seems much better on the first subjective glance. But of course, in Flash the application can only guess your camera values and might have less CPU power available for the tracking. No calibration, less quality. But Flash has the unique advantage of not having to install anything (usually). But I don’t want to be judging on a beta. I’m eagerly awaiting new updates and hope to see some complex 3D geometry augmented soon… Er, could we please see it on the iPad? Darn, no Flash and no camera! ;-)

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