First AR Stammtisch, Snowboards, Dioramas and more

Hey there,

just got back from my Dublin trip and just wanted to share some neat pieces with you and remind you:


Tomorrow we are having the first of the Augmented Reality regulars’ table in Munich! So be there and be square! Just kiddin. Hope to see lots of interested people at the Wassermann restaurant tomorrow at 7.30 pm. Check out the information here (always the top right link to AR MUC Stammtisch on

So, besides:

  • Total Immersion shows a neat finger snowboarding game using Augmented Reality. It’s cute, but I might be so blunt to claim, that your two fingers are not really involved and needed for navigation. ;-) Next please, a skateboarding game where your fingers actually matter and you are getting the grip on osis, 360’s and kick flips! :)
  • Kenneth Bogert from the University of Georgie did another interesting project on AR used for interaction purposes. It’s the first diorama I see with Augmented Reality and it’s fun to watch how it works well with physics calculated in real-time using a camera and a Wiimote for the tracking of shakes and twists of the box. Check out the video of the AR Shoebox Diorama.
  • As we were all a bit disappointed by the iPad, Thomas put together some information on a promising alternative – the Dell Tablet Mini 5. Check out his comments at gamesalfresco or at his page.
  • Another demonstration of AR technology (marker shirt tracking, head tracking) enter the bohemian world for a live interactive music installation. Presented by Cassette Playa.
  • I think everybody blogged on this TED video already, that’s why I skipped it. But if you haven’t seen it! Damn! It’s a must see! Microsoft goes GoogleStreetView with a live feed! This is totally amazing and scary. In Germany it’s currently a fight between Google and the German government to allow, not allow or pixelate and block parts of the German country and their privacy-at-stake-concerned citizens. The technology is amazing, but I’m sharing the doubts on revealing everything automized through the web.


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