When video games become reality…

AR.Drone by Parrot.com

The people at parrot.com took the toy helicopter trend to a new high! Check out their new flavor of a tech trend, combining all the cool buzz items in it: iphone navigation by gyro-sensors, wifi-camera image from the pov of the heli (I don’t even want to know what kind of stalking and spy videos will pop up on youtube) and now they even have augmented reality! :-) Navigate the technology dripping gadget and see an augmented game on your smartphone’s screen.

First, see the general video on parrot.com showing off with the toy, oops, maybe toy is an insult already. :-)

Below you will see the short excerpt of the augmented reality game! Even multiplayer, when you have two drones flying around!

Well, there is no release date yet and it looks pretty PR – the video (though a good soundtrack!), but it’s fun to watch and fun to dream what will be next and when we will see children writing to Santa for the AR.Drone.

Thumbs up!

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