Domestic Robocop, trapped in a Mixed Reality

A really great video to start the week! Etsuji Kameyama found this video, and iirc Keiichi Matsuda made this video for his final year of Masters in architecture, displaying social and architectural implications through augmented reality goggles. Use your overlaid view to guide you through the difficulties of modern life, using gestures and virtual air keyboards (just like in Denno Coil) to interact. Display ads to lower your rent (somehow the look and the small apartment reminds me of the overcrowded cyberpunk LA and the first person view of William Hunter in the ’93 game Rise of The Dragon). Well, anyway – the below video is a must-watch!

I love the visuals and the small glitches. The concept has a perfect compact script of showing a stupid every-day task of tea boiling, but perfectly shows the new world’s features with a great sense of humor. Especially realistic: showing tons ads in your life to earn a few cents while sacrificing your field of view. I’d love to see an extended version of it one day! Well done. :D

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