A prosperous year 2010!

Hey all,

just a short entry here – to wish you all a happy new year! I’m looking forward to discovering more great innovations, contributing with my research, finding AR applications and hardware improvements in 2010 and sharing it all with you. To kick off, you might have read all the articles on 2010 predictions mentioned before, last entry was on Ori Inbar’s realistic good and down-to-earth predictions.

If you want to spend some time in 2009 nostalgia instead, Thomas wrote a nice wrap-up of the past year with augmented reality. Thanks, Thomas! Nice read.

Thomas at Gamesalfresco (yes, he joined their forces!) found this article in MacLife showing an augmented reality glasses concept. It sure looks like a neat Apple styled display, that is worth a look and a dream.


I’m pretty positive, that it’s just and really only a concept and a rendering of a HMD, but nevertheless: Apple actually is patenting AR technology related ideas and hardware and it is not too far fetched to see them jump onto it in 2010. I doubt a market release in 2010-2011, but it’s worth the attention. Once there are nice pictures for the CEOs to see, they will more often knock on the doors of their engineers and software staff to actually make it happen. ;-) Well, but as it happened before with the Apple tablet PC, it might just not pass Steve Job’s personal quality control on the first pitch.

So, let’s get started on 2010 AR action!

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