Mobile Augmented Reality at HITLab NZ

Just wanted to point you to another demonstration of mobile augmented reality explained. New Zealand radio station Alpha96.1 did a short feature on the HITLab, who are researching in AR for a long time now. The clip is a short insight for any newbie to AR and they talk about the usage of AR on mobile phones. Due to my recent interview with German computer magazine PcPraxis on mobile AR I thought I post this as a kick-off for freshmen. Actually, I consider this presentation seen at Alpha96.1 a bit scary, especially the last seconds: do we really want to see people running around, checking men or women out, stalking and holding phones up instead of talking to us?

Alternatively I recommend starting with the promotional video of layar to get a nice idea how mobile AR can work here:

To get an idea of an augmented personal ID, providing a virtual business card, take a look at this TAT video:

There are more browsers popping up for android or iphone and you at least have to take a closer look at the fresh junaio and one of the first, named wikitude. Welcome to the world of Augmented Reality!

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