junaio online at AppStore

Just a short note. Today, metaio relaunched their website for their mobile social browser called junaio and made the app available in Apple’s AppStore.

From metaio’s press release:

junaio is a mobile and online platform that lets users create, explore and share information in a completely new way using augmented reality and location-based content. Users can place 3D objects, Twitter messages or websites into the real world and then share their creations with friends through social networks such as Facebook.

As I reported earlier, junaio integrates with existing social websites, another snippet:

Unlike other applications that attempt to create new social networking communities, junaio
is designed to tie existing platforms together with augmented reality based social
interactions. Users can insert an (animated) 3D object into a photo taken with their iPhone
and upload it to Facebook, or augment images that others have posted. The technology
will soon be available on other smart phone platforms such as Android and Symbian.

I think all the mobile AR browser companies smell a rat and when 2010 more and more people grab a new phone, being a smartphone with always-on-internet, we will see another leap forward. Global players join the circle and for instance we saw Nokia joining in on augmented reality going public with their point & find idea in March, blossoming now and offering more apps for their approach.

So, now, grab your smartphone and try it out. That’s what I will be doing, so expect an update soon. :-)

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