Nerdy gamers get squirrelly!

Hey there, augmented reality flooding the market. Although, we are still lacking an easier interaction plus video output systems, more and more companies jump on the bandwagon and try to sell old concepts of possibly boring card games or tamagotchi styled puppets to the crowds. All geeky Otakus will love it, I will wait for further improvements. But, enough shit chat, here we go with the two latest examples.

One is (yawn) another magic book style for lonely, school uniform panty-buying IT freaks, that always wanted to get a kick out of a miniature girl appearing in front of their keyboard. Get her undressed, tickle her, … well yeah. What a concept!

Second, a better looking concept from Sony, bringing trading card games to mixed reality. This is more fun, just like good old battle chess for the media 3D generation, that’s too imagery-swamped to use their own imagination. See eye of judgment at youtube. It’s already a bit older, but still didn’t hit the stores. Or did I miss it?

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