Where to find me

Hi everybody. I am always happy to connect with new people and join for real life events, virtual meetings and – of course – any kind of cooperation to push Augmented Reality and build the next computing platform together! With the current lock-down/virus situation I’ve decided to add this page to my website to give you a chance to know where you can meet me these days to stay in touch – be it virtually or live.
Currently I am resident of Las Palmas, Gran Canary. Typically I will also travel to Munich a couple of times a year (where our #ARMUC regulars’ table is still running). But where to get in touch next? Please see below and drop me a message if you are there!

This page will be updated continuously.

Regular Real and Virtual Places to find me

  • I’m co-hosting Germany’s first Mixed Reality podcast. Please check out my dedicated page for it. You can always connect via the comments section for each episode under mixed.de. On a regular basis we have invited guest speakers from the industry, so you can also talk to all of us live on air!
  • My virtual meetups in social VR are always a good place to connect in 3D – if our physical bodybags are too far away.
  • In Munich we keep up the regulars’ table. I might be there once in a while, but better check first. But always worthy to go and meet up in Germany’s hottest city on AR!
  • In Las Palmas you can always meet me in person or during our meetups (with some beer and burgers).
  • Most actively you can find me on twitter via @augmentedorg and linkedin. Please feel free to tag me, PM me or forward me anything cool you’d like to share.

Upcoming Real and Virtual Events

EVVC “Fachtage” Webinar, September, 30th, 2020
The EVVC is a German interest group to support event and conference businesses. Their annual “Fachtagung” meeting will be held entirely virtual this year. We are partner to support them with their digital needs and I will hold a webinar on virtual telepresence and virtual events. Details to follow!
Nomad City, November 6th – 8th, 2020
Las Palmas, Gran Canary and online
The annual digital nomad conference will be held as hybrid event. Details to follow. I will present as a speaker and also join for discussions. Hope to meet up live or virtually there! Details to follow!
ISMAR Conference, November 9th – 13th, 2020
online, possibly hybrid with VR
The annual symposium on mixed and augmented reality. My favorite conference to meet up the research side of MR and find out about the latest publications. This year I am on the publicity chair of ISMAR and will join during online session during the event week. Feel free to reach out to me in advance. Details to follow!

Past Events (Selection)


Webinar for Chamber of Commerce Spain, July, 1st, 2020
Given webinar on gamification and virtual and augmented reality for professional training.
AWE global, May, 26th – 29th, 2020
online and in VR
In 2020 we all go virtual. The advantage is to be able to attend more conferences than usual. Still, I hope we can meet up later this year for a physical Augmented World Expo conference!
Laval Virtual, April, 22nd-24th, 2020
online and in VR
The Laval Virtual event is going all-in on virtual reality this year. You can meet me in Virbela in VR during the conference.
LearnTec Jaunary, 28th-30th, 2020
Karlsruhe, Germany
Europe’s number one event for learning technology. As team lead of MR for edataconsulting, I present our mixed reality solution for training.

2019 and older events and presentations of mine can be found in the archives browsing through older blog posts.