Augmented Godmode

The E3 has started and (as all hoped and expected) we can see some AR news! They will probably more coming up within the mixed reality realm and today’s it’s Microsoft’s part to step up on stage to give us an update with Hololens! The incredible technology with rock-solid tracking and slim glasses, gesture interaction, interoperability, Windows 10 integration and an awesome power behind it to bring us the incredible… Minecraft? Wait, what?

Exactly. But it sure is a fun demo (we have actually already seen before in the initial mock-up marketing concept videos). The new demo reminds me of playing good old Populous, where I could control or thunderstrike my citizens from a god’s perspective (and actually a god’s role). If you haven’t seen it yet, take a look:

The game sure is a good showcase for the technology. It’s well-known and liked, a no-brainer, a creative (and non-violent) demo that can also include multi-player fun and works like Lego on a living room table nicely. So, it might seem like a waste of technology (at least to me – having never played Minecraft really), but a good gaming trial. Obviously there will be more, so let’s wait and see!

Their demo shows (like last time) a steady-cam operator’s perspective with mounted Hololens to give a third person view of the demo guy. Tracking is solid as before in this well-known and lit environment, but unfortunately gesture interaction is very limited (probably to lay focus on speech control). I would have loved to see more craftmanship with Minecraft on building/changing the world with physical hands… it looks obvious to do so, but maybe time was too limited. So, this piece missing is also my only criticism on it. Besides, can’t wait for more news!