Excited Material and other Videos

RTT Excite

Hi guys,

my company put up pictures of the RTT Excite show and also the talk videos. You can now also enjoy those from your couch, if you have missed them live. Feel free to check out our page. E.g. take a look at the keynote presentation by NVIDIA CEO and Co-Founder Jen-Hsun Huang. Definitely worth the while! Funny guy with a great talk on the development of our favorite piece of hardware in our computers!

Projection Mapping


To finish the week, let’s have some more videos in the list. E.g. first, this really nice projection mapping of Tokyo.

Augmenting Australian Kangaroos

Procter&Gamble had their Augmented Reality Event, presenting new products in a neat way. Nicely done to get into the mood. :-) “We used augmented reality technology to transport our guests to a pristine Australian beach. The application we created featured over a dozen animations of animals against the background of sea waves and palm trees swaying in the wind.”

Procter&Gamble – Augmented Reality Event from lemonorange.pl on Vimeo.

More AR to be seen in the wild in India

Visitors of the MCHI Property Show 2013 in Mumbai could enjoy some more AR fun in the big hall: “They travelled inside future Mumbai, took blessings from Lord Ganesha, Broke the Dahi handi, The Dabbawala delivered them lunch and could play the hero inside a Bollywood action shoot.” The show seems to be a lot of fun for the visitors. The augmented characters were mostly pre-animated, but interaction was also possible in one of the demos, when grabbing/punching for the hat on the string. There, Transhuman used a Kinect to get the real-time interaction done with the user. Good fun. (Especially the small children seem bewitched. :-))

Have a nice weekend!