Gentlemen, start your engines!


This is it! We are on in two minutes! Google is getting ready for the world to use the early explorer edition of their glass device! They just updated a few pages and apps, also commenting on the started physical production of the pre-ordered developer gadgets. Now they released their Glass developer kit (called “Mirror API”) online.

Their page gives guidelines for some concept HUD ideas. They call these mainly text information containing widgets “cards”. Also, the tech spec has been released on their support page, though not listing the crappy limited screen resolution of 640 x 360 px. Besides the developers get 12 GB of storage (with cloud sync – don’t ever think that anything you record only belongs to you!).

An App called “MyGlass” hit the Googly Play Store, too. But this is explicitly commented as useless (well almost ;-)) for non-Glass dudes like 99,9999999% of us. We could pass the time with some tutorials and guideline information on youtube.

Looking forward to see some ideas popping up through the first developers. But let’s also hope for some further development regarding the hardware (esp. on the resolution) and the always-existing problem of really fitting 3D overlay. As of now this device cannot be used for the AR we seek. Nevertheless, a necessary step towards it!

… and since there are no apps in the air yet (and nobody has the device) let’s again enjoy their marketing video with the well-done catchy emotional touch and soundtrack.